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  • Citybus LFF, Mercedes Benz

13 + 3 + 6 + 1 | The lines – professional
Through the low-floor area in the front part of the vehicle, this bus facilitates both – the driver as well as passengers – in particular passengers travelling with wheelchairs, prams, etc. Quick entry and exit times, short distances for the driver – excellent service for passengers.

  • Body Type: Sprinter 516 - CDI/XL
  • Power: 163 PS (120 KW)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Gearbox Type: Automatic gearbox (7G)
  • CO2 emissions: EURO 6
  • Color: MB White

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Vehicle Details

Capacity: 15 + 1
Length: 7.361 mm
Width: 1.993 mm
Payload: 5.500 kg
Motor Type: 516 CDI/XL (160PS/122 KW)

Basic Reconstruction:

  • Basic bodybuilding for model „CITYBUS“
  • Electrical installation, control unit with marked switch, main power switch
  • Day and night LED lighting
  • thermal and noise insulation
  • Walls and ceiling of the vehicle are upholstered with special fabric and / or leatherette
  • Flat floor covered with non-slip PVC covering, lowered rear wheel arches
  • City Bus LFF, Low Floor Frontside
  • mounting a lowered frame in to the chassis
  • installing a special gearbox into the prop shaft to lower the prop shaft
  • replace the serial fuel tank into the rear overhang
  • replace the wires for brake and electric
  • replace the exhaust system
  • Manuel Ramp


Seat & Anchorages:

  • Model CITY-BUS (SG City Comfort 2010 / 2140)
  • Model CITY-BUS CLAP (SG KK1010/BK1020)


Entrance door opening mechanism, emergency exit:

  • Two Wings City-Bus Door
  • Sunroof (emergency exit)



  • Lightening of the entry step
  • Ceiling LED lighting decorative moldings, „Buzola Style“
  • Rear parking sensors / 4 pieces

Heating, Airconditioning, Ventilation:

  • Mounting air conditioning units
  • Air conditioning for passengers (12 kW, monoblock), automatic adjustment
  • Hot water heating convectors under passenger seats
  • Electrically controlled heater valve
  • Digital Thermo control unit for heating and air conditioning
  • Auxiliary pump for hot water heating
  • Upholstered channels for the distribution of klimate over passenger seats


Possible seat configuration:



  • Complete vehicle glazing (tinted), double and toned windows
  • Glasses to the rear swing doors, unheated



  • Handles for standing passengers
  • Safety handrails behind the driver
  • The handles of the entrance
  • digital Clock
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety hammers – 4 pieces


A50 Reinforcement to front axles L94 Eliminating parking light
AR3 i=4,182 (pro 5xx) LB1 Side position lamps
BB9 Electronic Stability Program ( ESP9i) LB5 3th brake lights on the rear roof
BR9 Preperation for Telma retarder LE1 Adaptive Brake Lights
C43 Reinforcement to rear axles M49 Generator 14 V / 180 A
C45 Reinforcement to front axle´s stabilizator MD5 The speed limiter to 100 km / h
CF3 Suspension for application B N63 Connection ahead of the engine to the compressor
CF6 Spring and damper reinforced front P47 Front mud flaps
CL1 Height adjustable steering wheel P48 Rear mud flaps
D03 High Ceiling P93 Elimination lashing points
D93 without dividing partition R87 Spare
ED4 Akumulator AGM 12V 95Ah RG3 Tires 205/75 R 16 C
ED8 Provision Electrical, parameterizable special module RM7 Summer Tires
EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection. the driver’s seat box RS6 Steel wheels 5.5J x 16
EL8 Two-way front speaker S22 Armrest for driver’s seat
ER0 Radio ready S87 Small screen under the driver seat
ES0 Contact for start and charging batteries S91 Eliminating passenger seat
F61 The interior rearview mirror SB1 Drivers Comfort seat
F68 Rear view mirror heatable and electrically adjustable SW1 Eliminating belt (passenger side)
FF5 Shelf above windscreen Y26 Wheel chock for a total weight (5xx)
G42 Speed automatic gearbox 7G Tronic Plus Y43 Hydraulics – Jack
H12 Hot water additional heating Y44 Warning triangle
HH2 Additional electrical heater, fan    
K60 Exhaust directly back    
K99 Shielding fuel system fixed to the frame    
KL1 Tank sender for additional heating    
Automatic lights turning on while started the motor    
L16 halogen fog lamps    

Possible Extras (Options)

  • [A00 ] Metalic Color
  • [DV5C] The "City Bus" type rear wall (including the back glass & painted in body color)
  • [EX12] Set of chrome hubcaps
  • [HH9 ] Automatic Air- condition cockpit TEMPMATIK
  • [OK09] Raised panoramic windshield incl. painted in body color
  • [OK6L] Surcharge prolonged side windows in the rear of the vehicle - incl. painted in body color
  • [S001] Model CITY-BUS (SG City Comfort 2010 / 2140)
  • [SB3 ] Driver seat with suspansion
  • [SXXL] Extension of the car about 40 cm incl. Painting the extended portion
  • [Z03 ] TELMA retarder with the preparation of MB

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